Chrystabell - Midnight Star Cassette

Chrystabell - Midnight Star Cassette

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Midnight Star - Midnight Star Cassette

Within the very first moments of her new album Midnight Star, Chrystabell fully transports the listener into a dimension of her own making, a sci-fi fantasia as resplendent and glittering as her mind itself. The most visionary work yet from the Texas-based artist—a hyper-creative polymath whose past endeavors include a series of musical projects with filmmaker/luminary David Lynch and a central role on Twin Peaks: The ReturnMidnight Star ultimately casts an indelible spell while radically magnifying our sense of possibility.

Track listing:

Side A

  1. Midnight Star
  2. Pearls
  3. Breathe Into Euphoria
  4. Red Green Blue
  5. Clouds For Breakfast

Side B

  1. 2139
  2. Love Confit
  3. Silent Scream
  4. Golden Sky
  5. Suicide Moonbeams